The M.D. scarf

This week I’m weaving a series of 3 scarfs. M.D. is a play on words because I originally wove this draft as a birthday gift for a friend with the initials MD, who works In the medical field and has a doctorate. But the original idea for the scarf came from VAV Magazine. issue 1, 2018. It was designed by Brita Been. It’s essentially a block twill scarf with some added bling.

I played around with the size and number of blocks, and the sett…hers is all silk, mine is a warp and weft of Jaggerspun Zephyr. The published draft and scarf uses a much finer warp than I do. Mine is sett at 24 epi, and uses a 12 dent reed.

If you are a weaver and you don’t have a subscription to VAV magazine, you should get one! I get mine, mailed to my home, thru Lone star Loom Room.

I can’t publish the draft because it is owned by VAV magazine but What I truly love about Britas design is the elegance the solid black ends of the scarf give to the design. So simple, but almost a damask effect using the block twill. Clean and elegant. A really lovely pattern.

Here are some photos showing how I lay in the ends of my novelty bling yarn

I usually do a 10 yard warp…my first scarf has long twisted fringe, the middle scarf has short fringe and the last has long twisted fringe. That way I take advantage of the waste yarn at each end. I often sample for the second and third scarf in the fringe area and then just pick it out after the three scarfs are woven and cut apart. Here is my diagram.

I always give myself 5 inches of fringe for the short fringe scarf, so I have enough room to tie the fringe knots…but then after tying the knots and washing the scarf, I trim the fringe to 1.5 inches.

I’m thinking that my second scarf will be blue with these two ladder yarns

And my third, with long fringe will use the variegated silk as the body and the purple silk near the fringe ends. The black and deep purple silk together should look beautiful, my only worry is what will the Claudia variegated silk yarn pattern as when I weave with it. I have had that hank of yarn for years And I just haven’t figured out how and where to use it…I hope this works. I will have a photo for you next week!

I also twisted fringe and washed my scarfs from last week…they are lovely!

And…I got a new fancy lady….with arms! To model my shawls. I’m going to get her some opera gloves because her hands are kinda gnarly…

That’s it for this week!

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2 Responses to The M.D. scarf

  1. Mary Ippel says:

    Gorgeous scarves!


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