This is what’s happening in the studio this week…..

So I’m going to start out with a non weaving subject… I have a raised vegetable garden..I love it! I’m a very good flower garden type gardener, but last year I got a raised vegetable garden put in, and I grew vegetables! It’s so much fun! But my tomatoes kinda went wild…I had huge plants…not too many tomatoes…I think my plants were so huge they shaded the actual tomatoes. I had planted 16 tomatoes…so this year I plated fewer tomatoes, 11 plants…but then this happened….

Yep! my garden is out of control…again. there are lots of tomato flowers, and lots of little green tomatoes, so we will see what happens.

Oh! Also, I have a marauding woodchuck that robs sections of my garden…obviously he leaves the tomatoes alone, but he decimated my snap peas, my row of cilantro…(because everyone needs a row of cilantro) dill patch, all the blossoms off my cucumbers and he ate my pumpkin blossoms. I have begun to tuck little empty onion bags filled with dog hair amongst my garden… let’s see if that helps…

I also found out I have a massive..MASSIVE…poison ivy issue in my back yard. See those vines going up those tree trunks? That’s poison Ivy..and so is Half that green stuff on the ground. If you stand close to those tree trunks you can see millions of poison Ivy berries hanging like tiny grape clusters just waiting for the birds to disperse them all over my yard. I did find a company to treat it, it will be a relief if I can get it under control..

Okay, that’s enough of my gardening issues… here’s what’s been happening in my studio..

Two hats are done!…the berry and brown hat is from a kit that was supposed to be a cowl…but I knit a hat.

The green and blue one is knit from one of the many balls of Noro Silk Garden my sister in law gave me. There was probably enough to knit a shawl or sweater but. . . I knit hats. I don’t seem to have the attention span to knit a sweater. the pattern is mine.

I wove one medallion scarf…..and I’m working on the second one. Warp is Jaggerspun Zephyr 50/50 silk and merino. The main color is Chanel, with stripes of ebony, turquoise and chrome. Weft is iris, with ebony, marine and chrome accent stripes. 6 harness twill.

The second scarf of the series is woven with a weft of Zephyr Mystic Pink and the same accent colors.

I also figured out what to do with some chenille that I had woven last year…Ta dah! Cowls! I kinda love chenille…it’s so soft..and I like that these cowls have an actual pattern that you can see…a color and weave thing going on..

So this is my Tally for the week:

2 chenille cowls

2 hats

1.25 scarfs

A warp measured out but not wound on

Ok…I really thought I did more than that…I will do better next week!

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