The Perils of Variegated Yarn….

I’m late with this post…but on Wednesday…my usual blogging day..I had nothing…well I had a whole pile of frustration, but I couldn’t even put into words how botched up everything was but it seems like today I have some words so here goes…

On my 8 harness macomber…I still am working on my MD scarfs. The green one is done, now I’m doing a blue one…but I put that hank of variegated pink silk onto a louet spool so I could see the color progression and it’s going to look so bad as weft, like little busy stripes. Ugh…It’s so hard to figure out what to use it in…honestly I don’t remember when I bought it but it’s got to be at least 8 years ago. ugh! I really hate that beautiful expensive yarn!

On my 12 harness macomber I have a set of dish towels. I wound a 15 yard warp because 6 of those towels are for a wedding shower gift. A shower I am hosting. This coming Saturday. There is no way I’m going to get them woven, washed, hemmed and iron. I have 5 desserts to bake, shopping, decorating, bouquets…everything! I am not going to get them done. Warping was a Mess…I dont know why. I had tangles and I usually don’t. I had broken threads…from the tangles…which I usually don’t have. And…when I was threading heddles I discovered that I failed to wind 12 threads of one block…how did that happen? What was I thinking!?! Crap, crap, crap! So I sat at my loom and thought …( well, what I actually thought was perhaps I should just run to WilliamSonoma and buy a Bundt pan…nobody under 30 ever asks for one and they give you an instantly pretty cake…). But what I decided to do since it was a palindrome type warp, was to drop 12 threads On the other half that I had already threaded…so it looks okay.. not terrible,

I’ve woven this block twill pattern before…but this time, since I had two pounds of a blue variegated 8/2 cotton from webs, I thought I would use it. Ugh. I guess it’s okay. I wish it was a solid blue but I didn’t have enough 2550 blue for 15 towels and I thought it might be better as warp than as weft

This is the variegated cotton….and here is a towel with the variegated yarn as weft….it’s busy. Not my favorite.

Here is my towel…same pattern..with the variegated as warp….I think I’m going to try it with a lavender weft next and see if that is better.

Here is the same towel in all solids…everybody likes this towel.

Anyway, wish me luck with the shower, my husband has been helping me with the garden and tree trimming and mulching so the yard looks good. A tent and tables and chairs are being delivered so that part is covered…I just have to bake and set tables and flower arrange…and run to Williams Sonoma.

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