12 days till Christmas…oh no!

Wow, two weekends of sales has kinda set me back, but I almost have my shopping and my wrapping done so the end is near!  Tomorrow I’m baking cookies for a cookie exchange and making chicken tortilla soup for dinner…but it’s 4:54 pm on a Tuesday and I have no idea what I’m doing for tonight….
I do, however know what I’m doing to that travesty on my loom…I’m putting in my sticks to get my cross back, cutting that stupid thing off and resleying the whole darn mess!  I really liked these towels

See how it’s one pattern on one side, and a coordinating pattern on the other…so I hope I can find my draft!  Anyway, that’s my game plan.  I’m going to do some more of that towel and again use that beautiful blue linen that I got from hacylon last year…it was a one off color that is unevenly dyed, but was a fantastic value and it makes a lovely towel…I really like linen.  I like how hard and firm it feels and I love the intensity of color.


Isn’t that a pretty color?

The other thing that I spent the afternoon doing was working with Jacob  to set up my Square shop!  Who hoo!  So now, if you look under the rotating gallery of projects, you can click on my “square shop” and it will bring you to my store and what I have available!  Isn’t that cool?    Thank  you jacob!

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