Maaannn….I do not like these towels…I think I have a dog on the loom!   I really don’t know what I was thinking…this warp is set at 30 ends per inch, my pattern repeats every 8 shots, it’s minuscule!  Doesn’t show up and is truly boring…as tedious as the drive from Urbana Illinois to Springfield…the same drive that NB and I had to turnaround from after 45 minutes because we just couldn’t bear the flatness and sameness of never ending corn and soy fields…yes, that tedious!

So then I tried this…

And then this…


Still don’t like it, don’t know what I’m going to do, so I think I will tag some stuff for my two winter sales.  Artmakers is this Saturday, December 3 and the Woodland weavers guild sale is the following Friday and Saturday.
I have some towels I like….

And hats…

And lovely scarfs…

I will continue to ponder the yellow warp…ugh!

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