Another warp!

I spent the last two days running down to see Hannah at Ashland College in Ashland, Ohio.  It was so pretty driving home yesterday. Mi left around 8 am and there was a misty fog over rolling farmland as I drove on country farm roads before I got to the highway.  I passed an Amish horse and buggy going the opposite direction.  The driver was a Grandpa with a gray beard down to his waist..I wish I had a picture of him, but I was driving and that’s not allowed anyway.

I finished my Chicago sunset towels…9 towels and a bread cloth…which is a nice name for a short towel…

I’ve been pondering what to do next.. I like crisp white and blue towels, but you can buy those at every store in town and I have some natural cotton and 2.5 cones of really bright cotolin that I bought when Webs was discontinuing their cooling. So this is what I came up with…I’m going to wind a mixed warp of one strand of natural and one of bright yellow.


I will wind the warp in three bouts.  The center bout will use my small cone of louet natural 8/2 cotton and the bright yellow cottolin.  Then I will wind the two sides with my larger cone of 8/2 natural cotton and yellow cottolin.  I think that will be better than yellow stripes and white stripes because the cottolin, even tho it is also an 8/2 weight is actually thicker than either of the natural cottons.  The natural cotton will also soften the harshness of this particular yellow.  At least, I think it will!


That’s where I am at at 6 am this morning…more later!


I’ll show you when I’ve got these sewn!


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1 Response to Another warp!

  1. Bob says:

    Congratulations on the start of a new blog. I’ll keep my eyes open for future entries here. Your weaving is wonderful.


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