I think I’ve got it!

The last you heard from me, I was going to cut my warp


And redo my heddles in a point twill..1123456787654321234….  like that…

And do more of my yellow towels…but then I talked to a good friend who strongly, but gently, but strongly….honestly…told me to not do those tiny little prints, do something bold!  So I mentioned the conversation to NB, who also agreed….so there I was yesterday morning, pulling everything out of the heddles AGAIN and deciding, once again, on  what to do with 630 threads.

If you are a weaver, reading this, I’m sure that you too have done this..it’s a pretty warp, good yarn, I just don’t want to waste it, and I hate hate hate weaving something I don’t like.

So, now this is what I’m weaving!










I’m going to use up these bobbins to make a blue towel and then a green yellow. And then I think I’m going to transition to orange and reds.  But my warp is nice and firm, and these will be quick to weave!

Aren’t these bobbin holders nice?  I have a bunch…first I tried to make one my self….


Then NB had a client thing at our house and someone’s husband was looking at my loom…cause it’s a wood machine…and then brought me the beautiful checkerboard ones.


When he saw that I popped one up on the castle of my loom, he took out his tape measure and brought me another one with a higher base so I could reach it easier.  What a guy!


Then I showed a guild member my handy bobbin holders, she borrowed one to show her husband, and he made me the pretty cherry one.


I use them everywhere!  I keep my original one with the screws by my bobbin winder, another on my castle, one on my side table and one in my yarn room.  Truly useful!

It’s 6 am in Grand Rapids on a Sunday morning .  I’m going to post this, and when my son wakes up he will add the pictures, cause I truly do not know how to.  That’s why you have kids…so you can have an IT person in-house.

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