The one about “Is false damask a twill?”

I was weaving Norbert’s extremely handsome scarfs a couple of weeks ago and watching the diagonal twill lines shift and thinking I had seen a scarf with blocks that didn’t have those diagonal lines.

And then I started paging thru my Strickler book and found what I was thinking of! The tie up is 246 or 247 in the Strickler book. I just did my usual stripes, tied up my heddles and then treadled the blocks however I wanted…I made some really pretty scarfs!

Can you see how the twill line is less pronounced? It looks more like a solid colored block.

Two are 24 EPI with wefts of zephyr and the other of 20/2 silk. The third scarf I retreaded my reed to 20 EPI and wove that with zephyr. The texture is lighter and like crepe . Very nice and drape!

I just put on another warp for a set of three scarfs in shades of muted green but I’m having a harder time finding weft colors I like. I finished one using two different shades of hand dyed silk…

But then I can’t figure out what to use as weft for the next scarf…so I started sampling, and sampling. Do you do this…after one scarf…in the area that is supposed to be fringe that separates one scarf from the next…now I’ve woven 13 inches Of various colors and I don’t really like any of them…I might do the second one in black which is a completely different feeling…not sure if I like it or not…I’m afraid I’m going to be weaving for 90 inches and wondering the whole time if this was a mistake.

But I do have an idea for the third one…about 8 years ago I went to the Michigan League of Handweavers June conference at Hope College in Holland Michigan. They had a vendor area and I bought some silk which I have never used because It’s 60/2 silk. I didn’t know what that meant…but when I got home I took off the cellophane wrappers and discovered that It’s incredibly fine…finer than sewing thread. But I did get some gorgeous colors.

This silk needs to be set at 48 ends to an inch…at least…which is a lot of winding and a lot of picks per inch….I will let you know next week if my idea is a brilliant one or a mistake.

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